Changing the culture of disaster

Change the culture of preparedness

Make the shift from an awareness of risk to an awareness of what to do when disasters happen. Changing culture is a task that requires time and incremental steps. These steps may be campaigns focused on clear resources, starter kits sent to people’s homes, or community events to create stronger resilience networks.



Awareness campaign

We created an awareness campaign based on what to do instead of what’s at risk. We framed it around the idea of evacuation zones so people are more aware of their surroundings and the resources and communities in them.

Emergency starter kit

Getting the information into the households. We created a starter kit that contains information about supplies, about available resources, and about the importance of community.

Supporting research


“I don’t know what being prepared actually looks like”

“People don’t know what they don’t know ––Many people don’t think about emergency information until they need it therefore, don’t have a go-to source for it”

Public Alerting Service Design Project, Emergency Managemnt BC, 2018

“There’s a need for us to shift to more creative, more active engagement in [preparedness training].

There is a town in Japan where everyone leaves their home and has a potluck at a field. It’s all about celebration and sharing food but they’re also practicing evacuating their homes together.

We would benefit from a shift to interactive preparedness activities where people learn while building important connections with one-another. ”

Katia Tynan, City of Vancouver