Changing the culture of disaster

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Homes hold sentimental value and represent safety for most. This is why some people will risk their family’s health and their own to stay close to their home. It’s important to address this mindset, as it’s often overlooked.



Peace of mind

Communication tools are a great way to contextually reassure people that it is possible to ensure the safety of their homes and of themselves.

We wanted people to be able to leave their homes behing by giving them an easy to follow list of things to do to prepare their home. Using words such as “leave with peace of mind” helped communicate our acknowledgment of their fear, with a reassuring tone.

Supporting  research


“People are willing to accept risk that may lead to harm, loss of property or loss of life – There are citizens who feel that "it" won't happen to them and then there are citizens who just don’t care.”

Public Alerting Service Design Project, Emergency Management BC, 2018