Considering people’s context

How > why

Giving people reasons to evacuate is not as effective as giving them resources to do so. Having resources available immediately helps people make the right decision over an emotional one.



Emphasize resources over risks

This UI initially plays the role of a notice of evacuation, but as people start interacting with the steps, it becomes more of an active dashboard to track progress. We found the main pain points of evacuation, associated them with resources and framed them in the form of steps.

Supporting research


“Survivors who evacuated prior to Katrina (leavers) lived in primarily middle class White contexts, whereas survivors who stayed (stayers) lived in primarily working-class Black contexts. Compared with stayers, leavers had more education and income, greater access to news, more reliable transportation, and more geographically extended social networks.

People in working-class Black contexts often lacked the necessary resources to evacuate.

“Why Did They ‘Choose’ to Stay?” Nicole M. Stephens, Stanford University, 2009